What really is “The Magic Bot”

Now many questions come in our mind?

  • Is it another scam?
  • How come one single click give us thousands of percent profit?
  • What is unique about this magic bot?
  • How to use and what to expect?
  • Any many more…


Most asked question, is magic bot a scam?

JAU can understand your concerns due to all of us at some point being a victim of scam in crypto. Also it more happens in discord and telegram. For that reason our team initially was hesitant to be up here. However, due to the number of authentic traders. We had to join discord.

Now, coming to why magic bot looks like scam to the most.

Reason #1

Everybody think, how come one start button give you a massive profit. Please note, whenever Binance launches a coin, then only this bot will generate big profits. Everything is automated and they are real complex algorithms running on backend. It looks so easy from the front. This measure was taken to avoid any potential mistake that may occur by our users. Launch events doesn’t come everyday. Hence, we wanted you to succeed, not to learn and then succeed at a later stage after learning from mistakes. Hence, JAU took everything on its own hands and automated the entire process.

Reason #2

Another question that arises in customer’s mind is if we are authentic, then why are we not offering trial or give a monthly plan to test. This question again is absolutely valid. Now, there are several points.

  • Binance new coin doesn’t come one a monthly basis. Monthly plan becomes useless here.
  • It is JAU’s biggest innovation and there is nothing that can do what JAU claims.
  • JAU doesn’t want everyone to have this Magic Bot. We want limited customers to use this product. So that it works smoothly until tested on a massive audience.
  • You can get a cheap android for less than $100 but the best iPhone for no less than $1100. It is the biggest innovation in the history of crypto currency bots and we won’t sell it at less, no matter what. Prices will only increase by time.

How to protect yourself even after our clarifications?

JAU is relatively a new company. However, within a month of launch JAU had 2.5k+ active and happy clients. These clients to date, not a single one has left JAU. This speaks for itself. Also, you can try The Magic Bot by buying for one coin event use at only $199. Once satisfied, then upgrade to yearly. Still, if you are not able to risk even $199. Why not check our crypto signals monthly for $29 or our pump winner bot for $49 only? You will understand that JAU under promises and over delivers?.

Only one single click. Are we sure?

JAU’s biggest innovation and in fact cryptocurrency bot industry’s biggest innovation is The Magic Bot. But how does it actually works?

  1. The Magic bot is free of cost installed by JAU at AWS Tokyo. Here Binance and The Magic bot communicates with 0ms ping.
  2. You then connect your API to The Magic bot.
  3. You have to click the start button, right before the coin launch is about to go live.
  4. The Magic bot algorithm now comes into action, when you are seeing the processing.
  5. It gets the price filters, auto detects your USDT balance, matches with Binance’s countdown and some secret processing starts.
  6. The Magic bot executes the buy order, no matter how tough it is. The Magic Bot finds a route to win.
  7. From starting the bot and before buying is done, The Magic Bot connects to JAU’s Artificial Intelligence servers which tells the bot, how to bypass the big traffic.
  8. After the buy is done, a blend of Artificial Intelligence and Algorithm Intelligence comes into play. JAU’s AI servers guides all the magic bots about the next action.
  9. Keeping past coins peak points in mind and matching it with current scenario, the AI decides how much and when to sell.
  10. Your sell orders are divided in to different time to make sure, we are not missing any peak. The bot decides for itself with the help of our AI servers.
  11. Once, the USDT is back. The magic bot compares the initial USDT value to the current and shows the result.

What makes the magic bot so amazing?

The Magic Bot is the only bot that can win in Binance’s new coin events. We have always seen coins going up hundreds of time in seconds, but this time we will make it for ourselves. Yes! with just a click.


Results of our Beta testers.




JAU’s Result of C98.

It’s True! It’s Magical! It’s THE MAGIC BOT by JAU.

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