The Magic Bot.
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Just use it in the Binance New Coin listing event and see the magical returns. 

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Not a single bot can do what THE MAGIC BOT can.

Achieved 100% success in last 4 binance coin events and turned $1000 in to $100 000+

Unique and magical

You just have to press the start button after installing the bot. It is that simple.

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Connect the bot

In the settings area, just enter your api keys. This step will take more than 30 seconds.

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Unbelievable returns

You might be shocked that you did nothing but in the blink of an eye you see a profit of 3000%.

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What to expect?
How to proceed?

JAU has done the biggest innovation in the history of cryptocurrency bots. Expect big returns with a simple process. 

The Magic Bot

Purchase the bot before its too late as we may limit sales.

Purchase and Install the bot in the Windows Operating System. 

Main steps

1. Purchase the bot

You can pay for the bot via PayPal, Cards & Crypto. By default it is USDT but you can pay for the bot via any cryptocurrency

2. Check the tutorial and guide you will receive.

Once the bot is purchased, you will get the bot and license keys and a your own WhatsApp support expert 24/7 Steps are extra ordinary simple. That is why we call it, "the magic bot". We do the preparations, you be the magician🎩.

3. Bot setup will be free always.

Still thinking, it's complicated? Get your bot setup from us. Then, it's just the start button you will have to press.

Connecting your Binance

Connect it yourself or let us do the job from A to Z. We will be there for you always. 

Generate a new API key

Setting up the bot

1. Create a Free Account

If you don't have a Binance account yet, create one. Buy USDT from card or P2P. The process is very simple and tonnes of tutorials are available on YouTube.

Generate API Keys with required permissions

JAU will do the setup absolutely free of charge and will be there with you always, 24/7. Want to setup on your own, check out our tutorials.

6. That’s it!

Now you can use the magic bot in the next binance launchpad / launch pool event.


The only bot that wins in Binance new listing.

We are not claiming to be the #1. We are rather claiming there is not a one single bot or service that can win in Binance new coin listing events except The Magic Bot. 

Return On Investment
Coin Launch Events

Annual Plan Only

$499 a year.
Bot that is worth millions.

Past Magical Results : 

ALICE : 3092%

ATA : 1900%

C98 : 1127% 

Order the magic bot today and get a free setup. After that, it is just the start button you will have to press. Also, never hesitate about technical and other things. JAU offers a 24/7 WhatsApp live chat support and believe it or not. JAU support is incredible and the friendliest😎. You don’t talk to chat agent but real experts directly. 

The Magic Bot


Per Month

With the purchase you get free:

  • Crypto signals for 3 months.
  • Pump Winner bot for 1 month.
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How can I pay for the magic bot?

You can very easily pay via PayPalCredit and Debit Cards along with Cryptocurrencies. In order to pay via crypto, place an order with the payment method saying Pay via Crypto. By default we only use USDT but if you want to pay via other major cryptocurrencies, please drop an email at [email protected] or contact us via live chat. 

I am not into tech and for that reason I am hesitating to purchase.

You don't have to worry about anything. We are not just selling our product only but we want to make sure you are succeeding too. Hence, for that reason JAU offers our magic bot package buyers a personal permanent expert dedicated to them. They will not just guide you about the magic bot, but all our products. This incredible service can only be availed if you are a magic bot customer. 

What will I get after purchase?

Once the payment is confirmed. You will get a the magic bot software, pump winner bot and access to JAU crypto signals. Right, after order, an expert will connect with you on WhatsApp and will be there with you on every stage. 

How can I get support?

All magic bot customers get a 24/7 WhatsApp expert support. 

Do you guarantee a 100% success everytime?

We have tested the bot in the last 4 coin launch events and have succeeded always. Still, we do not guarantee 100% success at all. The reason is, there are hundreds of things apart from our bot that can be a hindrance towards success. Maybe, your internet connection, internet traffic, Binance issue etc. This is a game of milliseconds and anything in that 1ms and for only 1ms goes wrong, outcome may not be a success. It will also not be a big loss just in case anything goes wrong as our bot is configured to save you from a heavy losses. There is nothing much to worry as we have done heavy testing and many times. We are just mentioning here just to be transparent. 

Is there any possibility of a refund?

Unfortunately, refund is not possible under any circumstances. But let us tell you, we guarantee that what you are paying us will be recovered only in 15 days maximum. This is a guarantee😎. Enjoy rest of the year absolutely free of charge🚀. 

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the magic bot.

An unbelievable innovation by JAU. It’s an art of high tech + research + experience